About Us

GOF is a market leader in high quality ship management services since 2008. Based in Kuala Lumpur, our dedicated team oversees all aspects of ship management including chartering. We are a strong believer in safety, reliability, and efficiency. We operate in a manner that focuses on consistently delivering safe and high quality services to our clients. This is made possible through our established relationships with clients, service providers, shipyards, and vendors. Integrity is the core value that defines our organization. It is the way we deliver our businesses at all times- during periods of success as well as during challenging times.



To be the premier maritime solutions provider through the integration of knowledge, experience and innovation in ship management.


To provide safe, reliable & efficient ship management services.
To grow & continuously improve as an integrated maritime company.
To be a profitable and sustainable organization.
To position our organization as a preferred employer.

Our Management Team

  • Gunalan Achari Gunalan Achari
  • Nor Azahar Ismail Nor Azahar Ismail
  • Capt. Balachandran Nallusamy Capt. Balachandran Nallusamy
  • Nor Hidayah Rahman Nor Hidayah Rahman
  • Mohd Rehan Bin Datuk Rosli

Gunalan Achari, CEO

Mr. Gunalan has been serving GOF Offshore Sdn Bhd since 2012. He has vast experience in Ship Management of offshore vessel, chemical tanker as well as bulk carriers and container vessel. Trained as a Marine Engineer, he has been in the shipping industry for over 25 years as a maritime professional. Starting his career as a seafarer, he has served on board as Engineer for over 12 years. Following his stint as seafarer, he took on roles at shore as Technical and Fleet Manager. Prior to his role at GOF Offshore, Mr. K. Gunalan Achari was with PSM Perkapalan/ PACC Ship Singapore undertaking superintendency, newbuilding and fleet management. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer at GOF Offshore Sdn Bhd.

Nor Azahar Ismail, Technical Manager

Technical Manager Mr Azahar is a qualified Marine Engineer with a great wealth of experience sailing on board vessel and technical management. His current portfolio is as Technical Manager managing all technical matter for our fleet vessel including newbuilding. Mr Azahar has good technical knowledge and ability to manage heavy workload including good budget management skill. He is highly reliable and plays a great role within the management team.

Capt. Balachandran Nallusamy

Senior HSEQ Manager Capt. Bala holds a Master Class 1 Foreign Going (Unlimited) Certificate of Competency qualifications. A highly experienced personnel, Capt. Bala has served MISC and other companies in various type of vessels such as Tug Boat, Chemical Tanker, Bulk Carrier, Offshore Vessel – AHTS / Work boat and Dredger Vessel. His current portfolio is as Senior HSEQ Manager managing all HSEQ matter for our fleet vessel, serving all client with regards to Safety & Security. Capt. Bala is a very dynamic and highly professional person with a good leadership and management skill. Currently he has more than 10 years experience in ship management.

Nor Hidayah Rahman, Procurement Manager

Procurement Manager Mrs Hidayah holds a Diploma in Business Management with vast experience in procurement. Her current portfolio is as Procurement Manager. Mrs Hidayah has good analytical and negotiation skill thus ensuring that all purchases are secured at optimum pricing. She is highly reliable and trustworthy in managing all vessel expenses and costing. She is also responsible in reporting budget and operating expenses matters to the Top Management.

Mohd Rehan Bin Datuk Rosli, Director, Commercial & Business Unit

Commercial & Business Unit Mr. Rehan has been appointed as Director of GOF Offshore Sdn Bhd in August 2014. He holds Bachelors Degree in Business Management and has over 12 years of experience in the Shipping & Marine industry. He is responsible for the strategy and development of new business opportunities and growth, and at the same time provides leadership and direction for commercial and chartering. He works closely with the company top management to achieve the company’s vision and mission.

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